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How to design a creative and striking label?

How to choose the right colours:

The importance of colour cannot be underestimated when working with packaging and labeling brands. The best custom labels use bright colours to capture the attention of customers. Neutral and grayscale tones should not be used, it is better to use something more vibrant: a little colour can be very useful.

As the printing capabilities become more advanced, the packages become much more colourful. Because of this, buyers have come to associate more colours with more exclusive brands, even if they don't realize it. Thanks to a wide range of colour combinations, product labels are brighter and more colourful than ever. Studies have indicated that consumers prefer a few harmonious colours in a matrix of potentially busy colours.

How to choose the right font for your tags:

When it comes to high quality commercial labels, the source is another aspect that catches the attention of customers. While cursive and elegant fonts may seem attractive and classy, ​​they are often difficult to read, especially from a distance.

Food and beverage labels should fit something simple, but if the product is more exclusive, you can consider a cursive or more decorative letter. It should be avoided that the colour of the label does not conflict with the colour of the font or that it is difficult to read.

Suitable materials:

This must be determined before the design process begins to get the best results, as it could affect the colours and fonts you select. Textured materials are excellent for use on handmade product labels or antiques, but the smoother materials are usually ideal for food and drinks.

Brands that sell fresh or organic foods use transparent labels to make the illusion of not labeling more real. Designs remain visible when contrasted with the colour of the product.

How to choose the correct shape:

The shape of the label can also say a lot about the product. While straight shapes and lines tend to be the most common, you can give an additional boost to the product on the shelf by creating a label with a custom shape.

The forms for the labels are virtually unlimited. In general, the creation of a catchy label design should be considered as an art project rather than a routine task.

It may have the best product in the world, but if it hides behind a soft and boring label, how will consumers know? These days, it may be more difficult than ever for specific labels to stand out on the sea of ​​all other products on the shelf.

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