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Benefits of Labels for High Temperature Environments.

Benefits of Labels for High Temperature Environments

Luckily there are a range of specialist heat resistant labels and high temperature compatible label materials, and Images Labels can help find the best option to suit your bespoke label application.

Polyester Labels for Electrical Devices

Polyester is a great material for a wide range of electrical device applications, such as kettle labels, lighting labels, oven exterior labels and more. Available in different colours such as white, metallic silver and metallic gold, this material is designed to work in conditions up to 120° C, far higher than standard synthetic labels but still with many benefits of standard labels - such as print compatibility and easy application. With compatibility up to up to 120° C, polyester is suitable for many uses beyond just electrical device labelling. If you need labels to survive even more extreme temperatures, then polyimide labels are a great choice.

Polyimide Labels for Steel and Extreme Heat

They can survive conditions of up to 300° C for 5 minutes, and up to 240° C for 80 minutes, meaning that this heat resistant label material is great for a broad range of high temperature applications and production processes. Polyimide labels are a type of synthetic resin, and are chemical and flammability resistant, while maintaining compatibility with thermal transfer, impact and laser printing. This means that these specialist labels can integrate with your current production and inventory processes easily.

What high temperature labels are best?

The type of high temperature label which is best will depend on your specific application. Extreme temperature applications require bespoke labelling solutions - something that Images Labels is capable of providing. This includes custom shape high temperature labels to specifically suit product recesses and shapes, or special heat resistant laminates to help protect printed information. We can also supply a range of thermal transfer high temperature labels for your own in-house printing.

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