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wide range of nameplates manufactured in a wide range of materials

Nameplates are available in a wide range of metal and plastic materials ranging from aluminium, stainless steel and brass to polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, acrylic and resins. We help you choose the right material for your requirements and, as many of our materials are held in stock, we provide a fast turnaround service.



Our modern, technically advanced production capabilities ensures you receive the very best quality products, using the latest in finishing techniques.  Our products are suitable for virtually any environment including high temperature up to 1000 degrees.



Our range of manufacturing processes include laser cutting capabilities enabling us to produce any quantity, from single nameplates, with inexpensive tool and minimal setup costs, to sample production runs for larger volume requirements. We can include punched holes and/or adhesive backing, if required.

Nameplates can be used for a variety of different purposes including:





  • Commercial blinds

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Contents or identification nameplates

  • Domed labels for product branding

  • Electrical appliances

  • Electronic gates

  • Fencing panel nameplates


  • Garage lifting bays

  • Garden furniture

  • Graphic overlays and control panels

  • Industrial refrigeration and catering data nameplates

  • Mechanical pumps and values

  • Roller shutter and commercial CE nameplates

  • And more…


The following are just some of the materials are used in the manufacture of nameplates:


Aluminium material is durable and hard-wearing. It is ideal for all kinds of outdoor use as it is chemical and water resistant. We can supply this in various thicknesses to suit any application.


Stainless steel, like aluminium, is durable and hard-wearing. However, this material can withstand high temperatures. For example, stainless steel nameplates can be used on fire doors where information must remain intact after a fire. It can also be supplied in various sizes and thicknesses.


Plastic can also be used in the manufacture of nameplates. This will reduce the cost. It is available in various colours, thicknesses and materials e.g. polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl.

Print Process

Nameplates can be finished in a wide range of print finishes. Here are just some of the advantages of each finish: 

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