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David Metcalfe

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Why did you want to create a labelling business?

"As silly as it may seem, I have always gotten a thrill out of recognizing one of my nameplates displayed on a closing roller shutter blind in a shopping centre. Or spotting my label clearly visible on blocks of concrete being transported on a lorry down the M1, wondering what that product might become. If it didn’t get there, it would always be just a lump of steel. Labels are important and can enhance or detract from any product. Doing it properly has always given me a certain sense of pride.”

What makes us different?

We provide a personalised service to every one of our customers. According to our recent customer survey our customers see us as their "trusted" supplier. Having worked with many of them for more than 20 years, we are loyal to our customers. And they are loyal to us.

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