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all kinds of labels specifically for the metal and engineering industry...

Metal & Engineering

We understand the importance of durable, reliable labelling within the metal and engineering industries. We produce a wide range of high performance labelling solutions that work within even the most hazardous of environments. Our labels ensure that vital specifications and instructions remain in place and visible for as long as required. 

Whether you need labels or tags for specific information such as material codes, product types and handling procedures or to enable the track and trace of materials at each stage of your supply chain, we have the expertise to produce labels that will meet your specific requirements.


We can offer:

  • an extensive range of tags and labels specifically for the Metal and Engineering industries.

  • products suitable for track and trace of materials at all stages of the supply chain.

  • labels that are robust, tear and/or crease resistant and can even withstand temperatures up to 1000°c, prolonged exposure in distribution warehouses. If you need labels for extreme environments, call us to discuss which products are suitable for your use.

  • we supply all kinds of companies e.g. steel, galvanisers, fasteners, nuts and bolts, spring and tools, construction (bricks, concrete floors/reinforcement, cranes, lifting gear), automative (cars, commercial vehicles) and many more.


We can also provide the packaging material required to deliver the product to your customer e.g sacks, banding wire, clips, cable ties, etc.

The tag products we can supply include:





  • Plastic and Metal Tags

  • Thermal Self-Adhesive Labels

  • Steel Companies Plastic and Metal Steel Tags

  • Galvanisers Tags and Labels

  • Fasteners, Nuts & Bolts Thermal Labels

  • Spring and Tool Company Tags and Labels

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