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Extensive Range of Self-Adhesives

Whether you need self-adhesive labels for product, bar-code, security, content or location purposes you’ve come to the right place. We take the time to understand your requirements and provide expert advice including the most suitable design, process and finish.

Self-adhesive labels are available in a wide range of paper, polyester, tyvek and vinyl materials. We help you choose the right material and format for your requirements and, as many of our materials are held in stock, can provide fast turnaround at competitive prices.

Our modern, technically advanced production capabilities ensures you receive the very best quality self-adhesive labels, using the latest finishing techniques. Our products are suitable for virtually any application; whatever the size, material or purpose required.



Self-adhesive labels can be used for a variety of different purposes including:

  • Asset labels

  • Bar code labels

  • Chemical labels

  • Contents or destination labels

  • Labels for galvanised steel and metal

  • Laundry dispatch and tracking labels

  • Product branding labels (containing product information, pricing)

  • Security and QC labels and more…


The following are the primary materials used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels.


Paper labels are easy to write on and can be supplied in continuous form or as single labels. They are ideal for barcoding and your information can be printed on them in-house. Available in various colours, shapes and sizes.


This plastic is a durable material which can be sub-surface printed to protect the print. It is also water-resistance and can be used in tough conditions where the information needs to last a long time. These labels can be supplied in singles or continuous sheets.


Vinyl can be supplied in a matt or gloss finish which allows excellent print quality. It is easy to write on and durable as it is water resistant and weather proof. It can be supplied in numerous adhesives and colours.

Print Process

Self-adhesive labels can be produced in a wide range of print finishes. Here are just some of the features of each:

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