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all kinds of labels specifically for the travel and leisure market...

Typical products we supply:​





  • Car Parking Key Tags & Labels

  • Laundry Services Tags & Labels

  • Refrigeration & Catering Equipment Badges

  • Travel Companies Tags

  • Clothing Labels

  • Catering Equipment Labels

  • Travel (airports), leisure and catering (hotels),

  • Sports (eg golfing),

Travel Industry Products
Car Parking Products

We understand the importance of flexible, reliable labelling within Travel & Leisure environments. We produce a wide range of high performance labelling solutions that work across all aspects of the travel & leisure industry and are suitable for all applications from catering environments to health spas.

Our extensive range includes labels & tags that are waterproof, rip-proof or robust enough to perform in humid, damp conditions ensuring vital information for the identification of stored goods,  product codes and handling procedures remain where they need to be.

  • Extensive range of tags and labels specifically for the Travel & Leisure industry

  • Products are suitable for the information, identification and track and tracing of products for any application

  • Our labels are robust, tear and/or crease resistant, waterproof and can even withstand temperatures up to 1000°c. And our range of adhesive strengths ensures your labels remain reliably in situ.

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