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Labels for a wide range of industry sectors

Typical products we supply:​





  • Chemical & Pharmaceuticals labels

  • Bed Manufacturers nameplates

  • Electronic Company Signs & labels

  • Food Industry labels

  • Clothing, cleaning (laundries)

  • Fencing & Timber Labels & Nameplates

We understand the importance of high quality, reliable labelling across a wide range of business and industry sectors, and produce a range of high performance labelling solutions that are suitable for a virtually any application and / or environment.

Our extensive range includes labels & tags that are waterproof, rip-proof and suitable for the specialist needs of food, healthcare and pharmaceutical.  Whether you need labels or tags for specific information such as material codes, product types and handling procedures or to enable the track and trace of materials at each stage of your supply chain, we have the expertise to produce labels that will meet your specific requirements.

  • Extensive range of tags and labels for general purpose or specific industry application

  • Products are suitable for a wide range of identification, instructions and component labelling as well as track and trace and industry specific applications

  • Our labels are robust, tear and/or crease resistant, weatherproof and can even withstand temperatures up to 1000°c.

  • Whatever your requirement you can be confident that our labels will perform well even in challenging conditions such as  prolonged exposure to rough, dirty conditions and extreme temperature. We even provide labels that meet the exacting standards of specific industries such as food, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

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