What are the advantages of the different materials that Other Labels are produced in?

The following are the primary materials used in the manufacture of other labels we supply:



Polypropylene is a robust and strong material used for the transportation of nut and bolts, fasteners and metal fixings. These can be made in various colours shape and sizes.



This plastic is a durable material and can be provided in various thicknesses. It can be surface printed. It is used particularly for signage within construction and many other industries.



Moulded plastic is robust and versatile. It has a 3D effect to make the product stand out. It is available in many colours, shapes and sizes and used predominantly in the drinks and automotive industry e.g. stirrers, decals, ice scrapers, etc. 



Vinyl can be supplied in a matt and gloss finish which results in excellent print quality. Easy to write on, it can be used for tough environments. It can be supplied in numerous adhesives and colours. It is water resistant and weather proof.