Building & Construction


We understand the importance of durable, reliable labelling within the Building & Construction environment. We produce a wide range of high performance labelling solutions that work within every sector of the building and construction industry and that are suitable for all applications from building site to building supplies.

Our extensive range includeslabels & tags that are weather resistant, rip-proof or robust enough to perform in rough, dirty conditions ensuring vital information such as material codes, product types and handling procedures remain where they need to at each stage of your build.

  • Extensive range of tags and labels specifically for the Building & Construction industry
  • Products are suitable for the track and trace of materials at all stages of the build process and for a wide range of identification, instructions and component labelling
  • Our labels are robust, tear and/or crease resistant, weatherproof and can even withstand temperatures up to 1000°c and for prolonged exposure in distribution warehouses or rough, dirty conditions.

Typical products we supply:

  • Concrete & Brick Company Tags
  • Roller Shutter Doors & Blinds Labels and Nameplates

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